Detector System Design

The detector of choice for CUBES at the time or writing is to use 2 x Teledyne-E2V CCD290-99 (9k x 9k devices).

The detectors are standard silicon, backside illuminated devices and would be expected to use an AR coating currently under development at Teledyne-E2V. This coating “UV1-NEW” has optimal performance in target wavelength range of CUBES, 300nm to 400nm, and is expected to be mature on the timescales required for CUBES’ procurement.

The CUBES project has adopted the ELT framework, and as such the detector control electronics will be the New Generation Controller II (NGC II).

The detector will be connected to a cryogenic buffer which will be used to drive the cables between the detector and the NGC controller.

The proposed baseline cryostat design is a liquid nitrogen bath in line with ESO heritage. Individual baths will be fitted to each detector cryostat. It is expected that a perpendicular layout similar to the X-Shooter instrument will be utilized to compress the space envelope in the direction of the optical path (see Fig.1).

Fig.1 X-Shooter detector cryostat and LN2 bath